Ever wonder what you’re going to hear at Toad’s on a Saturday night? Probably not. In any case here are four songs that you should expect to hear in the coming weeks, based on the number of radio stations that have picked them up over the past week.

“Shut It Down” — Pitbull ft. Akon

A far cry from his traditional sexually explicit music, “Shut It Down” ’s lyrics are practically inspirational. This latest single, while lacking the filthy, womanizing lyrics we all know and love, is a beautiful collaboration of Akon’s and Pitbull’s iconic styles. With a catchy beat, some Spanish you never learned in L2, a little bit of electronic stuff halfway through and easy-to-sing group party lyrics like “I Gotta Feeling,” “Shut It Down” is genius. Mr. 305’s two other 2009 hits, “I Know You Want Me” and “Hotel Room Service,” both off his “Rebelution” album, have gotten around Toad’s more than the Cock Goblin has gotten around SAE. Surely people will flap their wings to the songs infectious chorus of, “Can’t tell me nothing now baby I know how to fly (ooooooo).” Dale.

“Tie Me Down” — The New Boyz

Can’t sing on key? NBD, neither can The New Boyz. With the help of Auto-Tune, a phase vocoder that T-Pains your pitch, everyone’s favorite jerks are out with a second single. For those of you who weren’t feeling the fourth-grade lyrics of their other song, “You’re a Jerk,” not to worry, these lyrics are much more mature. We’re talking real issues here, like not being anyone’s bitch and not conceding to hoes tryna make you let go of all your girls. Anyway, the constant finger-snapping could not be any easier to grind to. Thankfully, there is no dance move associated with “Tie Me Down,” which is probably a good thing for all of you who’ve witnessed a guy trying to jerk.

“Gangsta Luv” — Snoop Dogg ft. The-Dream

Snoop Dogg and The-Dream collaborate in this little gem, released Oct. 9 as part of Snoop’s tenth album, “Malice n Wonderland.” If the song’s references to HBO’s “True Blood” and vampires don’t pique your interest, surely the play-by-play of Snoop Dogg waking his girl up with ass-grabbing surprise sex will. It starts off so innocently too, mirroring that cute little beat from Beenie Man and Janet Jackson’s “Feel It Boy.” The-Dream’s Chris Brown-ish voice sounds wholesome in comparison to Snoop Dogg’s oversexed rasp. Look out, “Gangsta Luv,” it’s going to have everyone (everywhere) dropping it like it’s hot.

“Do You Remember” — Jay Sean ft. Sean Paul and Lil Jon

You will remember the name of this song. It’s only mentioned about 45 times in the 3 minute, 31 second track. Really though, it’s hard to go wrong with Sean Paul and Lil Jon. It’s fun, it’s fast-paced, it’s self-aggrandizing. The self-pitying lyrics are perfect for those who plan to drown their sorrows before creating new ones on the dance floor with that guy from “American Politics” section.