The mother of Andre Narcisse ’12, Jasmine Narcisse, spoke out in a Newsday article Wednesday about receiving the news of her son’s death in a phone call on the afternoon of Nov. 1, the day her son was found dead in his Branford suite. “Twenty years of life, of love, of struggle,” she said. “Suddenly, without any warning, we’re having to face the fact that all this is over.”

Mission de-stress. About 30 students broke out into the “Cha Cha Slide” in the middle of Bass Café around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, the latest in a series of activities organized by the new student group “De-stress.” Started by Nick Selz ’11 and Ari Berkowitz ’12, the group’s informal mission is to keep Yalies relaxed through flash mobs, mass games and spontaneous musicals.

Gorilla attack! An Alpha Epsilon Pi brother riding a bicycle and clad in a gorilla suit lobbed a banana-shaped water balloon at AEPi’s president, Robert Klipper ’11, outside William L. Harkness Hall Thursday afternoon as part of the fraternity’s “Protect the President Day” pledge event. Pledges armed with squirt guns had to guard Klipper, while other brothers attacked him with water balloons throughout the day.

Ron getting married. Ron Livingston ’89, who played Peter Gibbons in the 1999 film “Office Space,” tied the knot with “Rachel Getting Married” star Rosemarie DeWitt on Nov. 2. Livingston lived in Trumbull College and majored in theater studies.

New Haven safety hits a new rock bottom? A rock, thrown by an unidentified male youth, shattered the window of an athletics bus on its way to the fields Wednesday afternoon. While no one was hurt in the incident, Mary Altonji ’12 called the event “kind of scarring.”

Happy as clams? Members of the Dramat’s cast for “Carousel” were seen dressed as clams today on Cross Campus. The students are putting on a shadow production of the main stage show, titled “Carouhell,” which will feature a cast of clams, according to members of the crew.

Pick up your hockey tickets for this weekend’s men’s hockey games at the Yale Bookstore. The bulldogs defeated Cornell in front of a sellout crowd by a score of 4–2 last season at Ingalls Rink. See story, page 12.

This day in Yale history

1979 As the U.S. Department of Justice began inspecting the passports, financial records and “loyalty” of Persian students in the wake of the Iran hostage crisis, Yale’s small group of Iranian undergraduates scrambled to collect documentation to prove their legal status as students.