I filled out the Spring Fling Survey late last night in a state of semi-consciousness as I lay in bed. The meaning behind the convoluted syntax and multifarious interwoven clauses of the first question were therefore completely lost on me.

“If the Spring Fling Committee were to keep a blog during the artist selection process, on which members of the committee posted their thoughts on potential acts as well as links to songs and videos that showcase these musicians, would you follow and comment on it? If so, how often?”

It depends how good the blog is, I guess?

My drooping eyes perked, however, at the mention of potential artists: MGMT, Cake, Jason Mraz, Lady GaGa, Spoon, MIA and — most exciting — the Backstreet Boys. Hot.

The final question, which addressed the idea of devoting 100% of the budget to sending Sean Kingston to “perform” at Harvard, should be given much more consideration than most students will likely afford it.

I am confident that a good portion of Yale students would sacrifice their Spring Fling experience for the satisfaction of knowing that Harvard will never again have a shred of self-respect. Shorty “Fire Burning” on the dance floor … oh-oh-uh-oh.