Even unhealthier than Splenda. Six Harvard Medical researchers were treated Sunday for sodium azide poisoning. Traces of the odorless white solid, which is a common preservative, were found in a laboratory coffee machine. All six of the researchers went to the hospital, but none suffered permanent harm. The university said it does not know if the poisoning was intentional.

Another Movember convert. Saybrook College Master Paul Hudak has signed up to join the “Handsome Dans,” the group of Yalies growing mustaches next month to raise money for men’s cancer research. Participants who grow out their facial hair can ask friends and family to sponsor them.

No safe trip to Safety Dance. As students walked in mass exodus to Safety Dance, a flurry of water balloons were being thrown at passersby on Cross Campus from an unidentified Berkeley window.

Boola, boola! An opinion piece in the Johns Hopkins student newspaper titled “We Need Bladder Ball” called for the introduction of the game, which “united [students] under the banner of Yalie camaraderie,” at Hopkins.

Nice day for a white wedding. A bride and groom and their wedding party made memories in the Sterling Memorial Library courtyard as they took their wedding photos Sunday afternoon. The surroundings contributed the somethings old, new, borrowed and blue.

But where has all the cable gone? Cable has been down in Saybrook since Saturday afternoon, causing great dismay among Saybrook students, who missed their weekend programming. So far, there has been no word on how soon cable will be restored.

Brush off the dust from your batons — the annual Mr. Yale competition is coming up. The pageant-style competition is scheduled for Nov., 12 and colleges are calling for representatives. Will you be the next Mr. Yale?

Journalism with Jack Ford. Anchor of “Jack Ford: Courtside” and host of “Inside the Law” Jack Ford is giving a Master’s Tea at Jonathan Edwards College this afternoon.

While filming the YSO Halloween Show in Commons Saturday, students saw a cockroach scurry across the floor. “I guess the cool thing is that we have footage?” Ken Kato ’13 offered.

This day in Yale history

1969 The University faces “sizable budget cuts” for the 1970-’71 school year due to financial setbacks. The budget cuts did not lead to reductions in financial aid for students, but tuition was raised $300, bringing the total bill to $3,900.