scene reporters Matthew George and Tessa Williams interviewed the writers and directors of the upcoming entertainment extravaganza “A Tale of Two Tales: Two One Act Plays by Tessa Williams and Matthew George.” Here is that exclusive interview:

MG: Why are you holding a two-liter bottle of Coke?

TW: Hello there [checking notepad] Matthew.

MG: Hello there, Tessa, how are you?

TW: I’m good thanks. A little stressed, kinda nervous, very excited.

MG: Why?

TW: I wrote and directed a show that’s going up tonight.

MG: What’s it called?

TW: It’s called “A Tale of Two Tales: The Devil I Know and the Devil I Don’t (Know) and How Did Rosie Die?”

MG: That’s really interesting.

TW: Thanks so much.

MG: You’re welcome. Hey, I have another question.

TW: What is it?

MG: Did you make the Jello for tonight’s show?

TW: I made the Jello and the fruit tart.

MG: I hope Claire throws it right tonight.

TW: Me too (sighs).


TW: So what was it like writing and directing “A Tale of Two Tales?”

MG: Can I tell you the name of my show first?

TW: Sure, I guess.

MG: It’s called “A Tale of Two Tales: How Does Rosie Die? and The Devil I Know but I Don’t”

TW: I don’t think that’s right.

MG: I don’t think you’re right.

TW: I’m left!

MG: Who’s on first?

TW: What’s on second?

MG: I hope Tom Sanchez. I heard he was in your show.

TW: Is he?

MG: He better be!

(they laugh)

TW: What was it like working with Stan Seiden?

MG: It was better than not working with Stan Seiden.

TW: So it was good?

MG: I’m the one asking the questions here! So it was good?

TW: Yeah it was great. It was almost as good as working with Emily Jenda.

MG: Really? I heard she wasn’t very good.

TW: We replaced her with Raphael Shapiro.

MG: Hey, I’m directing him in a show this weekend!

TW: Oh yeah, what show?

MG: Don’t get me started! It’s called “A Tale of Two Cities: The Devil That You Didn’t At All Know and Rosie’s Bucket List?”

TW: Is Morgan Freeman in it?

MG: Yes! He’s playing Allison Williams.

TW: Isn’t that your last name?

MG: No! It’s Matthew!

TW: Sorry, George.

MG: Did you know my Dad was a milkman as a kid?

TW: Is that what your show is based on?

MG: Sort of. I mean what isn’t a show based on?

TW: Whatever it’s not based on.

MG: Excellent.

TW: Touché.

MG: So which play is better? The one you wrote or the one you poorly directed?

TW: The one with the bumblebees.

MG: Ouch!

TW: What?

MG: I just got stung by an entr’acte!

TW: What’s the definition of an entr’acte?

MG: entr’acte |ˈänˌtrakt; änˈtrakt| noun

an interval between two acts of a play or opera.

a piece of music or a dance performed during such an interval.

TW: Oooooooh. Now I get it.

MG: As does Brennan Caldwell.

BC: I got it the whole time!

TW: Get outta here, Brennan!

MG: Yeah, we only cast you as a favor!

TW: That’s a little harsh.

MG: So is Trevor Ford.

TW: But he’s a gentle soul.

MG: With a gentle beard.

TW: How do you want to wrap this up?