Provost Peter Salovey made an appearance last Thursday on Newsweek’s parenting blog, NurtureShock, when bloggers Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman challenged psychologist Daniel Goleman about his theories on Emotional Intelligence. Apparently, Salovey made some less-than-favorable comments about Goleman’s body of work during his 2008 speech to the American Psychological Association.

Bronson and Merryman: You mention Yale Dean Peter Salovey is your friend and co-worker. During a 2008 speech to the American Psychological Association, Salovey condemned your work as a series of “outrageous claims”… Particularly in light of your friendship with Salovey, please tell us how you feel about his assessment. Why isn’t your research persuasive for Salovey?

Click here to read Goleman’s response to Salovey’s criticism.