Justice Sonia Sotomayor LAW ’79 was not the only highly scrutinized public figure to return for the Law School’s reunion this weekend: former Sen. Gary Hart DIV ’61 LAW ’64, who was considered a Democratic frontrunner for president in 1988 until the press reported his extramarital affair, also came back to New Haven.

Better than classmates.com. At their class dinner, Hart and his white-haired classmates were encouraged to sign up for Facebook accounts to stay in touch, and to buy “Facebook for Dummies” if they were confused. “Is that the place you go to get dates?” one alumnus asked.

Major budget penalty. Because of the University’s recent financial troubles, Ingalls Rink will now be closing at 10:45 p.m., meaning the number of intramural hockey games will be halved this winter. The rink’s nightly schedule has been cut from four hours of hockey to two — the equivalent of 24 major fighting penalties.

Fake mustaches were in abundant supply at DKE’s Mustachio Bashio party Saturday night, “a celebration of great facial hair past and present.” Provost Peter Salovey, who was recently urged to regrow his mustache to raise awareness of men’s health issues, did not make an appearance.

Let’s get physical. Two new treadmills appeared in the Davenport and Pierson gym last week.

Spotted: Mayor John DeStefano dining Friday night at Prime 16, a bar and restaurant on Temple Street.

Spice up your life. “Yum Yum Yale,” a blog presenting YouTube videos about dishes students can make with regularly available ingredients from the dining hall, is gathering a following on campus. The latest creative collegiate dish: ice cream crunch, a dessert made with mashed corn flakes, vanilla ice cream, honey, cinnamon, whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Beer pong ban? The New York Times reported Saturday that officials at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York are asking students to stop playing beer pong, “a communal drinking game,” to help stem the spread of swine flu.

University of Connecticut cornerback Jasper Howard was fatally stabbed early Sunday morning after an on-campus dance.

This day in Yale history

1918 After the last of its six editors enlisted in World War I, the News announced that it would suspend publication until the fighting ended.