Re: “Still no action on e-mail” and “Masters, deans pan bladderball” (Oct. 14). The contrast between the two front-page articles in today’s News reminded me why I continue to be ashamed of my association with Yale . Less than five days after bladderball, the masters and deans of all 12 residential colleges published a column condemning the game because it “disrupted lives” and “incurred costs to the University that are only now being tallied.” Their charges are true. But six weeks after the revelation of the “Scouting Report,” the News reports that the Yale College Dean’s Office has made little progress toward identifying its author(s) and seems to want to forget the whole issue.

Why has the Yale administration’s response to the hurtful, misogynistic “Scouting Report” been so feeble? Surely the e-mail disrupted the lives of the women who were named, and its cost to Yale’s reputation may never be tallied. But there is no column signed by all 24 masters and deans condemning it. Our masters and deans quote former President Giamatti saying the bladderball ban is our “the safety and well-being.” What of the safety and well-being of the 53 women named in the e-mail? Is their safety and well-being somehow less valuable? Does the threat posed by the pervasive disrespect and mistreatment of women at Yale not require as forceful and as swift a response as the grave threat posed by a beach ball?

Where are my university’s values?

Lee West

Oct. 14

The writer is a senior in Saybrook College.