Q Where did you go to school?

A I graduated from the Museum School in Chicago. It was awesome. There were no majors, no requirements. You made your own concentration. I did a lot of video, some performance, drawing and painting. Then I took some time off. I think I could have used some more time off, to get more hungry.

Q Since you worked in so many departments at the Museum School, how did you end up in the sculpture department here?

A The sculpture department here encompasses a lot of what I relate to being in the world. I hope that this program makes me more wonder-full.

Q What’s going on with your work now?

A I’m trying to get kind of goofy with foreign processes. Mold making is really sloppy, but the results are precise. Electric tape is kind of goofy. The piece I made in Green Hall, a big sheet of green paper with a grid … it was supposed to be flush with the with the wall, but it didn’t fit the space. So instead of cutting it down, I decided to squash it.

QWhat kind of tendencies do you have in your process?

A I like breaking things … for the physical act and for the result. I like cleaning things up and packaging things. In my studio right now, I’m not going to let things be on the periphery. I’m pushing everything into the center [of the room] so I have to deal with it. I recycle a lot of stuff. Even if I finish a piece, it is hard for me to let it stay done and not be re-involved.

QSo is anything you made still intact?

ASomething is done when I give it away, or sell it, or let someone else hold onto it. I can visit it then; it’s a time capsule.

QWhat place do you call home?

A I fucking love Chicago. I grew up there. My second home is Detroit.

QIf you could be anywhere doing anything right now, what would that be?

AI might be in Houston with my friend Jacques sipping syrup, driving a convertible and letting off firecrackers.

QWhat do you like doing when you’re not making art?

A I like cooking. I like making soup from scratch, especially stock. There are some principles in cooking that really relate to how you live. I also like making funky salads. I’m bad at thinking. I like baking bread and grilling.

QHave you ever found a costume that’s more comfortable than your daily clothes?

A One of the most fitting costumes I’ve ever been in … I was dressed as an ewok junior year and that was right on. I like the whole thing that an ewok is. They’re awesome. A group of little dudes that can’t communicate but are like, “What’s up!”

QDo you believe in mystical shit?

A I want to believe in ghosts, but they’ve never made themselves apparent to me. I thought I saw one the other day in the woodshop and I was all pumped, but then it was just a squirrel.