Re: “Tear down this wall?” (Sept. 25). I plan to be dead in this cemetery and would like to be left in peace behind the wall, where anyone who wishes to walk through the great Egyptian gate can come and see me and my neighbors, dating all the way back to the 17th century. I don’t know exactly why Yalies (including me, now, alive) would want to feel more “welcomed” to look in at the dead, or why they might be too incommoded by having to walk along the street rather than through the cemetery and over my bones, or why Yalies might feel that they have a right to change the streetscape that has been in place for generations.

The cemetery doesn’t, in fact, belong to Yale. Tearing down the wall is part of an idea of Yale hegemony which seems rather narcissistic to me. But then, I own property in the cemetery.

Wendy Moffat

Carlisle, Pa.

Sept. 25

The writer is a 1977 graduate of Branford College and a 1985 graduate of the Graduate School.