Where I Went: El Amigo Felix, 8 Whalley Avenue

What I Ate: Nachos

What It Set Me Back: $6.95 plus tax

Sometimes that combination of spicy, salty, gooey and melt-y just calls to you late at night. Sure, you can try to concoct some sort of culinary creation from the leftovers you swiped from the dining hall, but that never quite seems to scratch that itch. Fear not, though, because when you find yourself in such a predicament, El Amigo Felix is only a few blocks away.

A brightly painted Mexican joint, El Amigo Felix offers everything from burritos to margaritas. But for a Yale student on a tight budget, perhaps the simple nachos are the best way to go. A mere $6.95 gets you a plate of piping hot tortilla chips right out of the fryer, then sent to the broiler under a mantle of cheese, onions, jalapenos and refried beans. Is the plate huge? By no means, but for less than seven dollars it sure hits the spot. Crunchy edges and gooey, cheese-saturated middles provide a textural variety that lends itself perfectly to the random dollops of beans and veggies, making each bite excitingly different.

El Amigo Felix is open late on the weekends, and features an outdoor patio for moonlit nights of margaritas and nachos.