A Cornell University junior died Friday of complications from H1N1 influenza, the Cornell Daily Sun reported today. It is still unknown if the student, 20-year-old Warren Schor, had an underlying medical condition which may have contributed to his death.

In a statement, Cornell President David Skorton offered his condolences to Schor’s family and warned students of the effects of H1N1 flu upon individuals with preexisting health conditions. Skorton also spoke of the risk associated with severe symptoms.

As of Wednesday, Cornell health officials said over 450 students had been diagnosed with probable cases of H1N1 influenza.

Sharon Dittman, the associate director of community relations at Cornell’s Gannett Health Services, told the Daily Sun that most cases of the flu had been mild.

“Most recover within 4-7 days with self-care at home,” Dittman said. “However, it sometimes does cause more serious illness, so it is important to be vigilant.”

As of Wednesday, 55 cases of H1N1 influenza had been reported at Yale, and that number had doubled in the past week. Sick individuals are advised to “self-quarantine” until symptoms subside, and only those with severe symptoms or complications should make a visit to Yale University Health Services.