Every morning I am amazed at the new headlines that show zero progress on appropriately addressing the issue of the “Preseason Scouting Report.” This is neither an issue of free speech nor an unsolvable mystery.

The e-mail is clearly obscene sexual harassment targeted at specific individuals (who have just arrived at Yale!). Harm was caused. Without punishment, this culture will persist and the University — our university — will suffer.

Yesterday the News reported a “dead end” in the investigation into the source of the e-mail (“Origins of e-mail still unknown,” Sept. 7). Dean Miller’s only lead: a call for “civic responsibility,” hoping students will come forward with the authors’ identity. That’s like letting NBA players call their own fouls: It’s not going to happen.

To the administration: People know who wrote this list. Find them. Step up the intensity. Prove to students that these actions won’t be tolerated. Otherwise, Dean Miller better start writing next year’s op-ed. A similar act is going to happen again.

Justin Berk
Sept. 9
The writer is a senior in Pierson College.