Asia is our favorite country. On Sunday, eager gastronomists got to sample food at the World Street Food Fair (run by Yale Dining and the Yale College Council) from China, Japan and even Asia.

There was no South America station, but there was one for “Columbia.” Hopefully nobody was confused by the Colombian flag.

Getting into Yale all over again. It is almost as hard to get into Marvin Chun’s seminar as it is to get into Yale. The Berkeley College master had nine applicants for each spot in his “Mind, Brain and Society” seminar.

But students have a better chance of getting into John Gaddis’s “The Cold War.” The lecture course, as popular as ever, had more than 600 students shopping the class as of Sunday, but only 374 spots in sections.

Yale’s oldest and most popular international Bulldogs internship program — British Bulldogs — will return in full this upcoming summer, UCS Director Phil Jones says. New immigration legislation in 2008 made most Elis ineligible to participate in the program this past summer, but the organization BUNAC arranged a work visa program in June to allow Americans to intern in the UK. Cheerio!

Are they still working up there? Students walking beneath Harkness Tower no longer have a sign to warn them of the “men working above.” Guess now they’ll have to take a hint from the scaffolding and the noise.

“People … might want to live past their forties,” Stiles Dean Jennifer Wood reminded Stilesians in an e-mail Sunday night, chastising students for smoking in their rooms.

Now it’s official. After the News published an obituary of Peter Salovey’s mustache on Friday, the reference to his “Groucho Marxesque” facial hair was deleted that same day from his Wikipedia entry by a user whose only other contribution to Wikipedia is another edit to Salovey’s page.

A seance? A vigil? What … ? Passersby on Cross Campus last night saw a unique scene: dozens of people stargazing, dancing and/or drinking tea. What were they doing? Participating in the inaugural meeting of the Movement for Beauty and Justice.

This day in Yale history

1993 Nutritional information cards debuted in dining halls. Students said they were shocked at how fatty some “healthy” dishes actually were.