Ni hao! President Levin and other Yale officials are in Beijing this week meeting with new leaders in China’s educational community.

Sam Tsui ’11 has a new friend: Perez Hilton. The celebrity blogger tweeted a link Saturday to a YouTube video, which has drawn nearly 200,000 hits so far, featuring Tsui singing a tribute to Michael Jackson. “I feel so legit!” Tsui tweeted in response.

Wyoming isn’t such a hit. For the second year in a row, Yale has failed to enroll a student from Wyoming. The class of 2013 is also missing a representative from West Virginia.

Durfee’s will accept lunchtime meal swipes this year, allowing students to purchase $7 worth of pizza, munchies or ping pong balls — one item the Law School Dining Hall most definitely did not carry.

Keeping with recent trends, the Calhoun renovation significantly reduced the amount of common space in the Calhoun party suite, Bookworld. Attendees at a party Monday night were squashed close together since the suite’s former balcony was turned into a bedroom.

Rosenkranz Hall, the new home of the Political Science Department, opens for classes today. The 69,000-square-foot building was designed by Fred Koetter, a former dean of the School of Architecture, and cost about $35 million.

Yale has pulled in a little more than that in federal funding since February, when the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was passed. So far, faculty members have been awarded $36 million from over 100 research grants related to the stimulus package.

Where’s Calder? “Gallows and Lollipops,” Alexander Calder’s 1960 mobile outside Commons, has been temporarily removed for restoration. To remember what it looked like, check out the cover of the Blue Book from 2007-’08.

With Morse closed for its renovation, lines in the Ezra Stiles dining hall at dinner last night stretched approximately 40 feet outside the door.

This day in Yale history

1989 Word came out that A. Bartlett Giamatti, the 51-year-old former president of Yale who had served as commissioner of Major League Baseball for just a few months, had died of a heart attack on Martha’s Vineyard the day before. “Bart Giamatti’s premature and shocking death is a tragedy for his family, for Yale and for the nation,” said Benno Schmidt, Giamatti’s successor as president.