What’s the allure of coaching college football at a school like Yale rather than a big-time program? You should be able to sleep at night without wondering which of your players is about to get arrested — or so Tom Williams hopes.

“You don’t have to worry about many off-the-field issues,” he said tonight on ESPN2 when asked about the perks of coaching in the Ivy League. “The guys that are here are motivated to be great students, to be leaders in the world, so you don’t get that midnight phone call.”

Unless, of course, any of his players run into members of the hockey team at Gourmet Heaven.

Williams appeared via Skype on ESPN2’s College Football Live to discuss the upcoming football season, beating Harvard and whether there are any downsides to coaching in the Ivy League.

When he was hired in January, Williams said he was looking forward to coaching such intelligent young men as those who play for Yale. But in response to that last question, about any drawbacks to coaching at a school like Yale, Williams quipped that his bright players can sometimes be too smart for their own good.

“You get really smart kids, but sometimes you can’t be too literal,” Williams said with a laugh in response to that last question. “If you tell them to take a cut at five yards, you’re going to get that cut at five yards, so you’ve got to be careful on how you coach them.”