Yale parent Ariana Huffington can help. If all else has failed in your internship quest, her Web site, The Huffington Post, now offers a new last resort — it wants to sell you a summer job.

Seriously: HuffPo is currently auctioning off a summer internship to raise money for the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. And there appears no shortage of interest in the position.

Ten bids have already been placed for the gig, with the highest bidder having offered $13,000 for the two- to three-month internship.  The winner will get to decide whether to work at HuffPo’s headquarters in New York or its political office in Washington.  (Alas, Connecticut residents will have to pay sales tax on their internships.)

The auction came about after Ethel Kennedy asked Huffington to contribute an internship to the Kennedy Center’s charity auction.  “It’s for a good cause,” a HuffPo spokesman told Advertising Age, noting that the winner of the auction will be one of about two dozen interns at the Web site this summer.

Let’s put it this way: We’re thinking this isn’t really what Steve Brill ’72 LAW ’75 envisioned when he launched the Yale Journalism Initiative in an effort to get more Elis into journalism.

To bid, click here. Then hang your head in shame.

(Photo: Eric Anderson/Staff Photographer)