The latest edition of Rumpus came out late last week, but few were able to read it — at least at first.  Recently elected Rumpus co–Editor in Chief Phoebe Hinton ’11 said hundreds of copies of the tabloid were dumped into recycling bins before students could get their hands on them.

Hinton said staffers were able to recover copies of the Rumpus at about half of the residential college dining halls.

“In the end, by stealing copies, I think the perpetrator has ensured that more people overall will read the issue,” she said in an e-mail message. “We would suggest that in the future, anyone who takes issue with something we print should take it up with the editorial staff.”

In 2005, copies of the Rumpus were similarly dumped in recycling bins around dining halls.  A year before, in 2004, roughly 2,000 copies of the Yale Free Press were stolen from dining halls, according to then–Dean of Student Affairs Betty Trachtenberg.

The Rumpus editorial board brought a formal complaint to the Dean’s Office following the 2005 incident.  Co–Editor in Chief Chloe Gordon ’11 said she is unsure whether the Rumpus board will do the same this time.