With Mory’s still on target for a fall 2009 reopening, the club’s board has approved a restructuring of its membership policy that will drastically reduce the cost of membership for both students and other members, Mory’s Board of Governors President Christopher Getman ’64 said today.

When Mory’s reopens, membership for students during their Yale career will be reduced from $40 to $15, Getman said. That cost will include a $10 food credit to “get you in the door,” he said.The annual membership fee for non-students, including faculty, staff and alumni, will be reduced from $250 to $99, Getman said.

Getman said he hopes the reduced fee will attract more students to Mory’s. A new bar and a banquet room — which the club is trying to raise money to build — would also help draw students, he said.

In other news, the club’s board of governors is planning to host a party in New York next month at the apartment of a Yale alumnus in the hope of attracting more donors, Getman said.

(Photo: Charles Francis/Photography Editor)