The Y150 crew held onto the Vogel Cup but saw the Goldthwait Cup slip away at the annual Harvard-Yale-Princeton regatta hosted at the Gilder Boathouse on Saturday.

The No. 4 Bulldogs won the Vogel Cup for overall team points with 30, but Yale’s varsity eight (5:57.2) came in third behind No. 2 Harvard (5:52.7 ) and No. 1 Princeton (5:47.5).

Captain Dan Ensslen ’09 said he had mixed emotions about the race.

“I thought that our team was able to prove its great level of talent this weekend,” he said. “Racing in the HYP regatta is one of the highlights of our season and we are incredibly happy to celebrate it with the team trophy, the Vogel Cup. While it was a great weekend for our team, our success is somewhat bittersweet, marked by the losses of our second freshmen and varsity.”

All five races on Saturday were closely contested. The Bulldogs started with a considerable loss in the second freshman race, losing to Harvard by a margin of 14.1 seconds, 6:17.7 to 6:31.8. The third varsity crew brought Yale back in the game 20 minutes later, winning by a margin of 1.4 seconds, 5:59.1 to Harvard’s 6:00.5 and Princeton’s 6:19.0. The first freshman crew added another victory, winning with a time of 5:58.4 to Princeton’s 6:03.5 and Harvard’s 6:01.7. In that race, Harvard’s crew missed a turning buoy and was disqualified from the race.

The JV race was also a slim one. The Bulldogs came in first with a time of 5:56.5, 2.4 seconds ahead of Princeton and 4.8 seconds ahead of Harvard.

All eyes then turned to the varsity race, as the winner would then claim the Goldthwait Cup, which has been continuously contested since 1918.

The varsity race showcased the dominance of Princeton’s nationally leading crew. Yale came in third place with a time of 5:57.2, losing to Princeton by a margin of 9.7 seconds, and Harvard by a margin of 4.5 seconds.

Ensslen said he has high hopes for the future of the Y150.

“We look towards the Sprints as a great opportunity to show our full depth of speed and move forward,” he said.

The Bulldogs will now have two weeks to train and make adjustments before they meet Harvard and Princeton again, in addition to other schools in the region. Yale will next compete at the Eastern Sprints on May 10.