• Yale’s two labor unions, Locals 34 and 35, approved a new contract with the University.
  • Jon Wu ’11 seized control of the Yale College Council executive board in last night’s election. The board is rounded out by Abigail Cheung ’11 as vice president, Mike Bronfin ’11 as secretary, Erin Fackler ’11 as UOFC chair and Mathilde Williams ’11 as director of events.
  • There will be a runoff for YCC treasurer between Colin Adamo ’10 and Adam Thomas ’11. Students will be able to vote for one of the two candidates Thursday from 9 a.m. to midnight. The future of Yale’s treasure lies in the balance.

    High of 56 degrees, low of 34 degrees, chance of rain


    Lunch: Chicken tempura and spinach & gruyere tart in the colleges; turkey mango chili and chicken breast parmesan sandwich in Commons

    Dinner: General Tso’s tofu, chicken breast piccata and lamb & feta patty sandwich in the colleges; cardamom roast lamb, chicken tikki masala and chana masala in Commons