Rustin Fakheri ’12, who said he always carries a small, leather-bound notebook to keep track of his ideas, is running to be the next secretary of the Yale College Council.

His overarching goal is to create stronger lines of communication between the YCC, Yale students and the administration, he said.

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“Students are very politically interested but many don’t know how the YCC affects them,” said Fakheri.

(Fakheri is a staff reporter at the News.)

Fakheri’s motivation for running is a commitment to serving his peers, he said. In the fall, Fakheri ran to represent Branford College on the YCC and, though he lost the election, he was appointed to participate as an associate member.

“I want to serve my friends,” Fakheri said. “I want to serve Yale students.”

Fakheri said he thought that all three of his competitors were equipped to fill the role of secretary, adding simply that he would be able to do it best because of his experience serving on the YCC. But while Fakheri is only an associate member, one of his opponents, Mike Bronfin ’11, has served as the YCC representative for Jonathan Edwards College all year. Asked what else separated his candidacy from that of his three competitors, Fakheri also cited his web design skills and sociability.

During his time on the YCC this year, Fakheri co-authored the bicycle sharing proposal, which has yet to secure funding, and is currently working on a proposal about campus security. As YCC Secretary, Fakheri said he will be committed to upholding the council’s current strengths, while also improving its weaknesses.

He plans to distribute a weekly digest with updates about YCC projects, consolidate information about registration and funding for student organizations on an easy-to-access Web page, and expand the YaleStation to include more communication channels.

Fakheri said his previous experience — as well as his computer literacy — makes him well-suited for the job.

Before Yale, Fakheri served as secretary at University High School in Normal, Ill. He also served as a youth advisor to the Normal City Council.

Ian Panchevre ’12, a member of Fakheri’s campaign staff, said though many students consider the secretary role to be insubstantial, Fakheri will demonstrate that this is not the case.

“Rustin will make the secretary position the focal point between the YCC and the student body,” Panchevre said.

Fakheri enjoys studying political science, economics and mechanical engineering.