Though the role of director of events is new to the YCC, Natasha Sarin ’11 is already enthusiastic about its potential.

“I would take a lot of pride in doing a good job and coming up with new events that can become Yale traditions,” she said.

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Sarin brings two years of Yale leadership experience to the table. As a freshman, she served as both Freshman Class Council secretary and representative, as well as on both the Calhoun’s Student Activities Committee and College Council — a role she continued sophomore year, when she also took on the responsibilities of YSAC Representative and Spring Fling co-chair.

This experience, Sarin said, is what distinguishes her from her opponent — and will be the key to her effectiveness as director of events.

“Especially with YCC and YSAC merging and with this new concert committee being formed, it’s going to take … a seasoned veteran,” she said. “I come from a position where I can make promises and I can say things in my campaign and I know that I have the ability to execute them.”

Sarin is running on a four-dimensional platform.

First, she plans to solicit and incorporate more student input into YCC-sponsored activities by attending residential college Student Activities Committee meetings and receiving student opinions directly.

Secondly, Sarin wants to increase Yale’s events by 50 percent through collaboration with other campus groups. One idea, she said, is to hold a YCC/YCouture Project Runway episode featuring student designers.

Thirdly, Sarin wants to focus on implementing more frequent and smaller events to augment YCC’s major events. For example, Sarin hopes to subsidize tickets and meal prices for a monthly Criterion-movie-and-a-dinner night.

Sarin also plans to initiate a Yale Homecoming, an idea proposed to her by Courtney Pannell (Pannell is a staff reporter for the News.)

“Homecoming is everyone’s favorite activity in high school,” Sarin said. “We have a football team coming into next season with a new coach, new passion, and new energy — we should run with it!”

Finally, Sarin intends to begin planning for next year’s Spring Fling in October of the fall semester. She believes this will help expand both the charity and sustainability components she introduced to the event this year in her capacity as co-chair.