“So am I your favorite?” Mathilde Williams ’11, one of two candidates making a bid for the newly created YCC position of Director of Events, asked as she pushed open the Silliman College gates.

This easygoing tone is emblematic of the way the Silliman sophomore characterizes her campaign; it is also the feature she said she feels most distinguishes her from her opponent, Natasha Sarin ’11. Williams is making a decidedly “simple” bid, as she called it, hoping her open-mindedness and enthusiasm will come through in personal interactions.

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“I’m not that intense,” she said. “I’m not going to make a Web site about myself.”

A focus of her platform, Williams said, is her desire to revive Yale’s old, lighthearted traditions, such as the Wooden Spoon, a prize given to the Eli with the lowest grade point average.

“The thing that’s really distinctive about [Williams] is that she’s really dedicated to bringing back the old Yale,” current YSAC Chair Colin Leatherbury ’09 said. “She’s done a lot of research on past traditions — like the Winter Formal and Bladderball — and she’s worked hard to bring them back.”

Based on the success of this year’s Spring Fling Committee, which was co-chaired by Sarin, Williams said she also wants to organize more event committees to involve non-YCC students in the planning process.

Williams, although initially apprehensive about the dissolution of YSAC, said she is now excited by the prospect of a joint YCC-YSAC body. Williams said the new format, with its integrated 22-person committee, has the potential to provide increased manpower.

“Being on YSAC this year, I’ve seen it through thick and thin,” she said. “I know what works and what doesn’t.”

Williams ran for YSAC chair last year as a freshman, and lost, but was elected as the Silliman College representative to YSAC.

“She has tremendous communication and organization skills, and she knows how to ensure everyone has a good time,” Drew Ruben ’11, who serves alongside Williams as co-captain for the club squash team, said. “She hasn’t dropped the ball once — no pun intended.”

Perhaps Williams summarizes her campaign best on her Facebook election homepage: “YALE is a PARTY, and I want to throw it.”