Congratulations, smokers: We did it. Several weeks ago, I published a column asking President Obama to ease travel and trade restrictions with Cuba. He apparently heard my call, sort of. Since the publication of my article — ostensibly the instigator of the policy change — the White House has decided to allow Americans with family members in Cuba to more easily visit the island, and a bill introduced by Senator Richard Lugar proposes unlimited travel by Americans for any purpose.

President Obama, I do not have any family members in Cuba. Most who read this column do not have family members in Cuba. We do, however, share a familial bond with our Habanos. And while they may not yet be able to act as respectable, presentable spouses, they have served us for years as sultry, slender lovers, ever tempting us with their seductive musk and vitality.

So I ask, in our new foreign policy with Cuba, that we do not stop halfway. Mr. President, we cigar enthusiasts have needs. Our Dominican and Nicaraguan consorts simply do not satisfy us the way they once did; the magic is gone. When our Cuban lovers metaphorically call us at our proverbial houses, we don’t want to tell them anymore, “I told you never to call me here!”

Review: Partagas Coronas Senior

Source: Cuba

Strength: Medium

Shape: Petit Corona

Cost: ~€6

The consumption of Cuban cigars is still illegal in the United States, so this review may be taken as sheer conjecture. If one were, however, to try this Partagas Coronas Senior, one might find a reasonably priced, enjoyable smoke. Although tubos often do not fare well in unstable storing conditions, this Habano would likely come out of its tube just fine. The cigar might appear well-constructed, though it could possess some prominent veins, and its flavor might be dominated by spice and pepper. The first third would hypothetically pack a strong punch to the palate, even from the first few puffs. This initial strength might then give way to a more subdued spice that pervades the rest of the cigar, complemented in the second third by slight hints of vanilla.

The draw might prove a bit tight and give its smoker some trouble, but no worries, as substantial clouds of smoke could likely still be achieved. The burn would probably be relatively even, and it would likely require few touch ups. All in all, it would be a fine bedtime smoke. B/B+