As I sit on Old Campus admiring the sun and springtime attire (read: men’s half-clothed bodies), I think to myself that there is only one thing missing: adventure headbands.

For those of you who missed Mischa Barton last spring, or Mary-Kate Olsen ever, an adventure headband is one that is worn either across the forehead or on the crown of the head.

You may be asking yourself why on earth you would want to walk around with what is essentially a piece of string pulled across your forehead. But the answer is simple. This spring (and summer) calls for a little bit of boho and a lot of adventure. It’s time to get your string on. But before you head off to the crafts store, here are some tips on how to look more like an authentic adventurer and less like Tiger Lily.

If you have side bangs, the headband should go across your forehead midway between your hairline and your brow.

If you have a center part, or a blunt fringe, the headband should rest around the crown of your head.

Choose basic string, like suede — the simpler the better.

Don’t even think about terry cloth or sweatband material — that is, until Safety Dance ’09 rolls around.

Never back down! “Yeah, this string is slicing through my brains. Get over it.”

The great thing about channeling a lil’ Indiana (as in Jones) into your wardrobe is that it adds the perfect swashbuckling flare to any outfit. I suggest pairing the headband with a floral-print chiffon dress and wooden heels, or light-wash skinny jeans, a casual tee, a fitted blazer and flats.

The look also works itself into any style. Are you preppy? Try a garland of pearls. Fancy the vintage look? Try a band with a large flower off to the side. On days when you’re feeling derelict-chic, try a thicker, bandana fabric. The fabric, which can be rolled from a triangle or square scarf into a rectangle, should lay flat against your head (we don’t want any misshapen bulges protruding from the head).

The adventure headband should be just that: an adventure. Do what you want with what you’ve got. Just promise you won’t take the Mischa Barton thing too seriously and become a has-been with countless DUI’s before you can legally drink. And don’t let your fictional character shoot your boyfriend’s brother in the head.