I write regarding the quality of wireless Internet access on Yale’s campus this academic year. It has been my experience, and that of countless others, that such internet access has been slower and more inconsistent than in past years. At times, in fact, wireless access has been downright unavailable.

In the last two weeks, I have spent an enormously frustrating amount of time all around campus repeatedly trying to connect to one of Yale’s three wireless networks without success. Even when I’ve been able to connect, it has often been my experience that I will lose my connection within five or 10 minutes. This, of course, creates an enormous inconvenience not only for such activities as checking e-mail, but also for accessing course materials online that are necessary for homework assignments and studying.

It has come to my attention that student techs have repeatedly made Information Technology Services aware of this problem, yet there has been no improvement in the quality of wireless access. At an academic institution like Yale, it is simply outrageous that wireless connectivity be so unreliable. I encourage the News to explore this matter, and I ask other students to continue to bring this problem to ITS’ attention.

Tomas Rua

The writer is a junior in Trumbull College.