With tentative business plans close to completion, but only a small fraction of the necessary funds raised, Mory’s restaurant will aim to reopen its doors this fall, Mory’s Board of Governors President Christopher Getman ’64 said Thursday.

Reopening Mory’s remains contingent on the storied club’s ability to raise at least $1 million to renovate its building, Getman said, leaving open the possibility of a delayed opening or permanent closure. The Mory’s board plans to start presenting new business plan to its donors in the upcoming weeks.

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“The goal is to raise enough money to really transform the place,” Getman said.

Getman said he hopes the club, which closed its doors in December, will reopen by the weekend of Oct. 4 for the 100th anniversary of the Whiffenpoofs, America’s oldest collegiate a cappella group. But Mory’s may not meet this target, he added.

Getman also dismissed a March 18 report in the New York Post that said Mory’s board members were paying for $1 million worth of renovations out of their own pockets. The funds for the restoration of Mory’s will come from donors, he said, and $1 million will only cover the basics.

What has kept Mory’s alive up until this point, Getman said, is the Friends of Mory’s initiative, which encouraged members to donate a minimum of $50.

The effort has raised about $150,000 so far, enabling the Board of Governors to hire an architectural firm, Gregg, Wies & Gardner Architects, to oversee the planned construction project. The firm has presided over several restorations of prominent University buildings, such as Sterling Memorial Library and the Yale Bowl.

The board also hired a contracting firm, New England Construction Management, last week, Getman said.

Mory’s has not raised any money outside of the Friends of Mory’s fund, Getman said.

The Board of Governors has a basic plan for renovation, Getman said, that involves fixing technical problems such as wiring and plumbing, which will cost an estimated $1 million.

“It’s very expensive and not very sexy,” Getman said.

Getman said the board now has enough money to start removing asbestos from the property, a process that will begin after the necessary permits are obtained.

Additionally, Getman said, the board has a larger plan to make renovations beyond the necessary technical fixes, which will cost over $1 million.

“We’d like to put in a nice bar,” Getman said. “Whether we are going to get the money to do that we don’t know.”

A bar would give the club the opportunity to stay open later and cater more to students, Getman said.

Mory’s closed in December, citing a decline in revenues and a drop in the club’s endowment. The board dismissed all management and staff, save for comptroller Robin Soltesz.

Board members have started talking about candidates for the positions of manager and chef, Getman said.