Re: “Recruiting: Should Yale target locals?” (Feb. 27): The article examines critical questions, but it leaves the reader with an inaccurate perception of the efforts of both the University and New Haven Public Schools to provide New Haven high school students awareness of and access to the University and its resources.

As principal of Hill Regional Career Magnet High School for the past two years (after having been assistant principal here for the previous eight years), a school which has had the University as one of its partners for over 12 years, I have always been impressed with the number, quality, depth and success of the efforts of Yale to provide resources to our school. In doing so, Yale provides opportunities for our students to become aware of the offerings of the University.

A brief summary of these opportunities includes: collaboration between University and Hill Regional faculty in curricular development and expansion; provision of multiple opportunities for Hill Regional students and teachers to enroll in courses and seminars; continuous support and involvement in specialized courses developed and co-taught by University and Hill Regional staff; provision for the past 11 successive years, to Hill Regional students, of a unique, intensive three-week on-campus summer program focused on high-level science, mathematics and writing, co-taught by University and Hill Regional staff; annual provision of a series of lectures and seminars presented by University staff at Hill Regional at which students can formally and informally interact with the presenters; and annual provision of an on-site University public schools intern to facilitate further development and implementation of University resources and their extension to Hill Regional students including mentoring, tutoring, assistance with PSAT and SAT preparation and the college application process — inclusive of research, completing applications and writing college essays. These opportunities, which are constantly reviewed, updated and expanded in collaboration with the Yale University Office of New Haven and State Affairs, simultaneously provide Hill Regional students and staff invaluable access to and continuously growing awareness of the University’s genuine interest in attracting qualified local students and in increasing their knowledge of and access to the University’s vast resources.

To further facilitate student awareness of and attraction to the University, the New Haven Public Schools Guidance Department annually conducts a series of college fairs, at which the University is always represented. At Hill Regional, the Guidance Department schedules a series of informational college conferences each fall, and the University has always participated. In addition, Hill Regional counselors, teachers and administrators ensure that students (and the parents of those students) with the potential to attend the University are contacted, informed, encouraged and assisted in efforts to apply each fall.

While a few of the opportunities cited above are unique to Hill Regional students as elements of our specialized curricular focus, the remainder are available to all New Haven high school students. The collaboration between New Haven Public Schools and the University provides information, resources, opportunities and access to the University to all qualified students in New Haven Public Schools.

Michael Ceraso

March 8

The writer is the principal at Hill Regional Career Magnet High School.