Oops, I did it again: Branford College sustained yet another injury (following the sinkhole two weeks ago) on Saturday at the “Crushes and Chaperones” dance. As students danced atop a windowsill, the ledge gave way and collapsed. No one was injured.

The windowsill, however, suffered permanent damage. In an e-mail message to the members of Branford College, Master Steven Smith opined, “It is only too bad that someone took the title literally and crushed the wood panel around the vents.”

Check your mail early. A sign on the Yale Post Office door informed passersby that beginning March 23, the post office will close at 5:30 p.m. instead of 6 p.m. The reason? Budget cuts.

When pressed, Post Office employees added that no one comes in between 5:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. anyway.

YCC and Yale Transit announced a change in the bus schedule for downhill trips from Science Hill in an e-mail message to the student body yesterday. Buses will leave from a newly reserved parking location outside of Sterling Chemistry Lab at times that have been “carefully scheduled based on class times.” In terms of getting up the Hill, the “Blue Line” of the Yale Shuttle goes up every 10 minutes on weekdays, starting at 7:23 from College and Wall.

While Elizabeth Alexander’s ’84 book “Praise Song for the Day: A Poem for Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration” was Amazon’s bestselling book of poetry two weeks before its publication on Feb. 6, only 6,000 copies — of the 100,000 printed — have been sold, according to The Associated Press. The poem is available in a 32-page book that costs $8 in paperback.

A fire alarm went off in Pierson College yesterday at 12:43 a.m. The fire department checked the entryways while students stood outside for about 15 minutes following the instructions of a computerized voice that demanded evacuation.

Former Washington governor Gary Locke ’72 is likely to be President Obama’s choice for commerce secretary, several news outlets reported yesterday, citing administration officials. If confirmed, Locke will be the third Asian-American in Obama’s cabinet, which would subsequently boast the greatest number of Asian-Americans in cabinet history.

This day in Yale history

1977 The Ivy League decided to expand its football season from nine to 10 games. Yale head football coach Carmen Louis Cozza said that the extra game will “give the team more exposure to other types of schools and bring the University another source of income.”

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