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East Melange, the popular Chinese restaurant on Howe Street, is now closed. Hungry students seeking to fill their stomachs with Chinese food late at night have been forced to settle for food from the stalwart Ivy Noodle, which is still very much in business.

Elizabeth Alexander ’84 took on Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central last night. Colbert suggested a more concise version of the inaugural poem: “Hickory dickory dock; we elected a guy named Barack.”

Though concise, Colbert’s version would hardly warrant what is undoubtedly a lucrative book deal for Alexander, whose inaugural poem will be published Feb. 6 with an initial print run of 100,000 copies.

According to an e-mail message circulated to Trumbull students yesterday, the lecture “Introduction to American Politics” “is about to overflow the largest possible classroom, and the maximum TF staffing, the University can provide.”

“Vikings,” another one of the most popular Yale College classes, has also effectively capped enrollment by being unable to add additional sections. Prospective students from “Vikings” joined comrades in similarly overbooked “Intro to American Politics” in a scramble to find another class to fill out their schedules before the registration deadline at the end of the week.

The Feb Club, Yale’s annual string of parties for seniors, has begun to send out e-mails detailing procedures for this year’s festivities. Interested seniors can join the party by either hosting a Feb Club party or paying a one-time fee of $30 for the right to attend parties for the entire month. The price hasn’t gone up from last year, but seniors could still feel shortchanged, as February only has 28 days this year, compared to 29 in 2008.

At least 10 comment cards left for Berkeley Dining Hall staff regarding the mysteriously realigned dining hall tables this weekend led the staff to begin working to return the tables to their former positions.

A power outage on Park Street last night left students living at Harrison Court, as well as those utilizing the Afro-American Cultural Center, inconveniently without electricity.

This day in Yale history

1942 The Yale University Budget Drive ended after amassing $22,001 in donations. The final donation was made by an anonymous benefactor who gave $15 and a note that read, “I have heard that you need a few more dollars to complete your drive.”

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