Wander New Haven without leaving your desk. Google Street View debuted in New Haven yesterday; the site allows users to enjoy a detailed 360-degree view of New Haven’s streets. A study of the Elm-Broadway corner showed a startlingly accurate depiction — complete with a figure who might be the Flower Lady.

Wingardium leviosa. Emma Watson was spotted several times — again! — around campus on Monday. Students reported sightings in Bass Library, on Old Campus and in the art school. She just can’t get enough of Yale … perhaps this is good news for Yale’s future class of 2013?

The search committee for Saybrook’s next master submitted its recommendations to President Levin yesterday. While Levin says he does not plan to make a decision until the spring, committee members said they hope to bring a young family to Saybrook.

A Pierson dining hall employee complained of the size of the Yale Literary Magazine, which was released yesterday. She asked students not to leave copies on the tables because they are so large, and expressed disbelief and displeasure about the 11-by-17-inch magazine.

Fly nonstop to Amsterdam. In a development presumably aimed at stressed-out Yale students, Northwest Airlines will reinstate direct flights from Bradley International Airport, near Hartford, to Amsterdam starting June 2. Gov. M. Jodi Rell announced the airline’s decision yesterday.

A cautionary e-mail from the Trumbull master’s office offered students advice on radiator etiquette: “When adjusting the heat in your room or hallway, please use the white knob only. Do NOT touch any other lever.” Reverse psychology, anyone?

The time of year for elections. The YPU held its elections Monday. When asked to comment, newly elected YPU President David Manners-Webber ’10 quipped, “You don’t think you get elected to the president of the YPU by providing fun and witty quotes, do you?” He also noted that Cindy Sheehan will be the group’s first guest under the new administration.

This day in Yale history

1970 A week-long boycott of lettuce in dining halls ended when University officials and the Chicano Boycott Committee reached an agreement about the purchase of iceberg lettuce. The boycott was instated by MEChA, the Mexican-American student alliance, in support of Cesar Chavez’s campaign to get union recognition for migrant workers on California farms. Said Alberto Alvarado ’74, a negotiator for the boycott committee: “So the long-awaited day when we can eat lettuce again is here. We say right on — and take two bowls!”

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