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Flight student and instructor survive plane crashTwo people survived a plane crash in Groton on Wednesday night, according to the Associated Press. As the small plane, flown by a student pilot, was making its approach to the Groton-New London Airport, it disappeared from radar. Rescue teams and Coast Guard vessels were immediately dispatched to the surrounding areas. The downed plane was quickly discovered in Bluff Point State Park after the pilot called emergency services by cell phone. The pilot and his instructor were treated for minor injuries, and the Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the cause of the crash. —Colin Ross

City earns $140K for DUI enforcement

Through the Connecticut Department of Transportation, the New Haven Police Department has received a $140,000 grant for DUI enforcement, City Hall announced Thursday. The funds, allocated by the DOT’s Transportation Safety Section, will be used by the NHPD to install additional sobriety checkpoints in the city and to staff police patrols until September of next year. So far in 2008, New Haven police have made over 300 DUI arrests in the city.

—Yale Daily News

Rell announces new student loans via state credit unions

At a press conference Tuesday, Gov. M. Jodi Rell and the state’s credit unions announced a $17.5-million initiative to cap interest rates for students at 6 percent and to allow loan institutions to defer all payments for the first year. In addition, the Connecticut Health and Education Facilities Authority will back 20 percent of the loans. Tony Emerson, president and CEO of the credit union league, said the initiative was a necessary community service: “It’s not about profits, it’s about being there people during these tough times.”

—Colin Ross

Tent City on the Green surpasses $25,000 goal

The New Haven Green was a little bit warmer for the homeless last night. Various city organizations erected 31 tents while musical performances took to the stage set up behind them. The tent city, which was organized by City Hall’s Community Services, marked the end of an intensive weeklong period of fundraising for the city’s overflow shelters. Each tent represented a pledge of at least $1,000 toward the event’s stated $25,000 goal. Organizers expect to exceed the goal by a wide margin. —Han Xu

SEIU files complaint with NLRB

The Service Employees International Union, the parent union for Yale’s unions Local 34 and 35, filed a complaint this week with the National Labor Relations Board concerning an employee conflict at California-based Long Beach Hilton — a motivation behind the Yale Undergraduate Organizing Committee sit-in at the Investment Office on Tuesday. SEIU has charged managers at Hilton, which is owned by Yale investment HEI Hotels and Resorts, for threatening employees involved in unionization efforts. Local 34 and Local 35 leaders said Thursday if allegations posed by SEIU are true, Yale should “reconsider” its investment strategy.

—Victor Zapana

State to enforce olive oil identity standards

Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele and Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner Jerry Farrell Jr. will announce today new regulations requiring companies selling olive oil to list ingredients on containers. In some cases, peanut or soybean oils had been added to what consumers thought was pure olive oil. The new requirements will establish a “standard of identity” for olive oil sold throughout the state in light of an “explosion” of allergies throughout the state.

—Zeke Miller