A fight broke out at Yorkside on Saturday night. Injuries, but no arrests, were reported. Around 2:15 a.m., two men started smashing plates and throwing glass. Shards were flying everywhere, slashing a bystander’s face. Four cops with Tasers and an ambulance showed up. It was perhaps Yorkside’s most unfortunate episode since the infamous excrement episode of last winter.

Besides the stars on stage, NBC’s Brian Williams and Anthony Rapp of “Rent” studded the audience of the Dramat’s “The Full Monty,” which concluded its run this weekend.

Speaking of going the full monty, the Pundits hosted a naked tailgate for the Yale-Princeton game. The U-Haul’s back stayed shut, although anyone was welcome to shed their soggy clothes and join.

In a different kind of swinging, Timothy Dwight took the top spot at the S’wings Wing Fling after devouring 96 wings. JE, with 64, and Branford, at 63, rounded out the medal stand. Proceeds benefited the United Way.

Yale’s first student-run international conference on Asian affairs, the Yale Initiative of Asian and International Relations Global Conference, took place this past weekend in Washington, D.C. Over 60 college students from seven countries attended, as well as James Lilley ’51, the former U.S. ambassador to China and South Korea, and Jerome Cohen ’51 LAW ’55 of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Dallas’s Yale Boulevard will be renamed for Southern Methodist University, which is expanding in East Dallas and the adjoining University Park neighborhood. The street, once a nightclub strip, was one of many named for universities when University Park was incorporated in 1924.

Don’t stop believing. On the heels of Saturday’s humid victory over Princeton, the Bulldogs still have a shot at the Ivy League title if they beat Harvard this week and if Brown loses to Columbia. But Columbia’s record is 2-4, while Brown is 5-1. See Sports, section B, for more.

But if you planned to get to The Game on the subsidized Associated Student Transit buses, you’re too late. The $15 tickets are all sold out. The Amtrak train leaving at 5:30 p.m. Friday costs $64. If you’re willing to get up a bit earlier, take the 5:05 a.m. on Friday morning to save a full $19.

This day in Yale history

1916 Sprague Hall’s foundation was completed, and construction was set to finish within the year. The cost of construction was budgeted at $175,000. Sprague’s last renovation in 2003 cost about $15 million. Mrs. Sprague had promised to erect the building in honor of her husband Arnold Sprague, class of 1859.

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