By Ray Carlson, Zeke Miller and Wendy Wang

NORWALK, 8:20 p.m. – Polls across the state have just closed and both candidates vying to represent Connecticut’s 4th district are transitioning from campaigning to watching returns.

At the Norwalk Inn & Conference Center, where Republican incumbent Rep. Chris Shays is hosting his returns watching party, people are slowly filing in. People are slightly on-edge as they watch national returns come in on TV screen. No one is quite sure what will happen.

At the vacuous “Brewhouse” restaurant on the other side of town, the crowds have yet to arrive.  A podium is already set up for Democratic challenger Jim Himes, in front of antique waitress trays with logos of various alcohol companies.

One thing is certain, it is going to be close here. We’ll keep you updated throughout the night.