By Zeke Miller

NORWALK, 9:00 p.m. – Returns are beginning to come in for Connecticut’s contested 4th congressional district. The New York Times is showing challenger Jim Himes leading Republican Rep. Chris Shays with 63.7% over Shays’ 35.4%. But with just 23% of precincts reporting a lot can change.

Here at Shays headquarters, they are predicting a much tighter race. According to their figures, with 24% of precincts reporting, Shays was leading with 52% of the vote.

9:20 p.m. — We have some more information about those Shays polling numbers. According to Sean Phillips, the campaign’s communications director, they are tallying numbers reporter by volunteers in each precinct. At latest count, the Shays campaign says it is winning with 52.2 percent of the vote over Himes’ 47.7 percent with 46 percent of precincts reporting.

9:49 p.m. — The mood at the Shays’ returns watching party is turning blue. Internal campaign figures are showing the incumbent Congressman trailing Democrat Jim Himes. With 85 percent of precincts reporting, Shays’ campaign is showing itself behind with 47.6% of the vote to Himes’ 52.3%. Supporters are crossing their figures as the last of the results begin to filter in.