By Martine Powers

CHICAGO, 4:40 p.m. – According to 61-year-old Roilynn Brown, today is Obama day.

“Obama day! Obama day!” Brown chants to passersby on 53rd street in South Side neighborhood Hyde Park while handing out copies of the Hyde Park/Bronzeville community newspaper. “Here, take your newsletter.”

Brown stands outside of a Dunkin Donuts, opening the glass door for women entering or exiting the donut shop and encouraging people to vote. For Obama.

“We’re definitely confident,” Brown said. “All we have to encourage us is faith and hope, and that’s what this whole campaign is about. We hope that tomorrow is going to be better than today.”

At least in Hyde Park, everybody who is anybody is voting for Obama, Brown said. The Illinois senator shares their background and their sense of community, he said.

“Obama day!” Brown shouts to three men as they amble down the street. The guys are black and they look about 20 years old; they wear oversized jeans and the hoods of their sweaters are pulled over their heads, even though it is 70 degrees outside.

“McCain day!” one of the pack yells back at Brown. He pauses for a second, then laughs and yells out, “Psych!”

“Boy, don’t even play like that,” one of his friends retorts. “You’ll get your ass shot if you say that out here.”