Ah yes. Another wannabe electropop hipster thing. Dragonette — a 3/4 Canadian, 1/4 English band — just released its album, “Galore,” here in the States this week. And I think I understand why it took them so long — the States were trying to protect themselves from lame flashy synths, but alas Canada has finally managed to muscle its way across the border.

The album’s songs range from “I Get Around”’s skanky electro beats to “Get Lucky”’s faux-’50s rhythms. Preteens might find them sexy. Lindsay Lohan probably wants them for her next shopping montage. I dropped the name Dragonette to seem cool at the last party I went to.

Which brings us to another serious problem: the lameness of the name. Why would you de-awesome-ize an already awesome creature by adding an “ette”? Do you really think it makes you more awesome? Really, Canada, really?

I blame this lame name on the band’s “dragonette,” Martina Sorbara, who has sucked out all the testosterone from her male band members. The group is all part of her concoction to emasculate the guys without them realizing it. They simply accept Martina’s girly wanton lyrics. Seriously, man up, boys.

The point is, Dragonette is a lot of cheese with, admittedly, some cool background beats and fun lyrics, which make the songs catchy. But the band’s main redeeming feature is that they’re Canadian. For realz. That’s the best part.