There are few motion pictures as stimulating as “Starship Troopers,” an epic romance fueled by gut-wrenching drama, adrenaline-filled battles and thought-provoking news broadcasts. And today, the film — directed by action erudite Paul Verhoeven — will be screened at the Cinema at the Whitney. Wonderful. I argue there are few things that can genuinely make you forget the banalities of sophisticated Yale life, and instantly harken back to the immaturity of a 14-year-old, as this science-fiction film.

In the beginning, we are introduced to John D. Rico (played by Casper Van Dien), a suave teenager who becomes a “citizen,” a member of a supreme body entitled the “Federation.” As the movie continues, he is propelled into an all-out war between revolting insects and space cowboys.

Then Rico’s hometown, Buenos Aires, explodes. The romance that drives the beginning abruptly ends. But does it matter?

As if.

Man, there are commandoes who shoot each other in the head.

Fuck you. “Starship Troopers” is for teenagers who want real blood and gore. Who like guns. Like a lot of guns — OH SHIT, THAT BUG GOT SQUASHED! Yeah, Federation! Did you see that bug just explode? It’s the end of the movie, and that 12-foot ugly brain motherfucker just is like — kablooey!