Yale Food From the Earth, a student-run activist group, wants to bring people together to discuss the critical relationship between agriculture and social justice — over good food. Today on Cross Campus from 12–2 p.m., the group is sponsoring an eat-in, which takes its name from the sit-in, to do just that.

The group hopes not only to celebrate food, but also to start a conversation throughout the New Haven community, raising awareness about food-related issues. Tables and chairs will be set up with posters asking provocative questions like “what happened to the small American farmer?” and “when was the last time you picked an apple from a tree and not a shelf?”

Through the eat-in, the group wants to emphasize how food and justice are intertwined. “The way we are growing our food is very connected to where it comes from, the people who grow it and our bodies,” said Ida Assefa ’09, one of the group’s leaders.

With money from the Yale Sustainable Food Project, the group purchased ingredients from local farmers’ markets. They have prepared homemade dishes, focusing on seasonal, local and organic produce in honor of the flavors of New England, such as roasted squash, apple crisp and pumpkin pie, which they will serve on real plates with silverware.

Today’s eat-in will be the first on campus this year. The group has plans for future eat-ins on the New Haven green and in fast-food restaurant parking lots.