Meet your new scene editors!

Favorite artist to deride so as to gain fear and respect from others:

Will: Emma Allen

Emma: Emma Allen

Ben: Diane Arbus

Favorite office supply:

Will: Mini fridge

Emma: Mini stapler

Ben: Gin and tonics

Favorite New Haven store window:

Will: Trailblazer

Emma: Wishlist

Ben: J Press

Favorite pair of socks:

Will: Heather gray pair

Emma: Pair that looks like snakes

Ben: The bear pair

Favorite children’s show of the 90’s:

Will: Guts!

Emma: Clarissa Explains It All

Ben: Full House

Favorite movie to make love to:

Will: Dolemite

Emma: Maid in Manhattan

Ben: Une femme est une femme

Favorite midnight ballad:

Will: Any Brahms Intermezzo

Emma: Midnight Train to Georgia

Ben: Night Moves

Favorite color of cardigan:

Will: Heather gray

Emma: Magic

Ben: Mauve

Favorite age group:

Will: 0-1

Emma: mid 130’s

Ben: Whatever Julianne Moore is

Favorite mythical beast:

Will: Pinocchio

Emma: William Alden

Ben: Grandpa

Favorite author that the editor has never actually read:

Will: David Foster Wallace

Emma: Lemony Snicket

Ben: Wait, Will has never read DFW? WTF?

Favorite Book Trader denizen:

Will: Nick Niarchos

Emma: Anyone who hooks me up to my coffee I.V.

Ben: The ghost of Sylvia Plath. She lives in the bathroom!

Favorite memory that never actually happened:

Will: When I grew mutton chops

Emma: When I thought could fly for the first 13 years of my life, but thought that I chose not to in front of other people.

Ben: When I

Favorite Bay Area Rapper:

Will: Mac Dre

Emma: MC Hammer

Ben: Dem Hoodstarz

Scenic crush:

Will: Emma

Emma: Will

Ben: Ben (his hair’s still so pretty!)