Ralph Nader will address students Oct. 24 in Davies Auditorium. The Liberal Party, which is sponsoring the event, says he plans to discuss the upcoming election. No news on whether he will also announce a last-minute candidacy.

Posh digs for Parents’ Weekend. A luxury hotel, the Study at Yale, is slated to open on Chapel Street this week. It will offer seersucker guest robes and leather armchairs as part of its efforts to entice Ivy Leaguers. Look out for more details in tomorrow’s paper.

Yale under attack. Brown is mobilizing its armies to conquer Yale on Go Cross Campus. Yale Cmdr. Kostya Lantsman urged Elis in an e-mail last night to log on and help “save our campus from Brown’s forces.”

Real women have curves. Today is Love Your Body Day, which was established by the National Organization for Women to fight back against the media’s portrayal of the ideal woman.

18 is not the new 21. The Connecticut Association of Schools yesterday published its strong opposition to the Amethyst Initiative, which aims to lower the drinking age. Their statement averred that rates of “suicide, automobile fatalities, alcohol-related injuries and school dropouts” all increase when the drinking age is lowered.

Dubya, re-examined. Filmmaker Oliver Stone is directing a movie on the life of President George W. Bush ’68, who will be played by Josh Brolin. Let’s hope Stone portrays Skull and Bones more accurately than Gossip Girl did.

Dumplings and samosas. The Asian American Cultural Center, located at 295 Crown St., is holding an open house today from 5 – 6:30 p.m. Free food will be provided.

Yum, fro-yo. Commons held a “tart yogurt tasting” yesterday with a variety of yogurt that, according to Catherine Cheney ’10, the online editor for the News, tasted “exactly like Pinkberry.”

This Day in Yale History

1915 Yale College held elections for the Junior Promenade Committee. Harry William LeGore, of LeGore, Md., was elected chairman.

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