Dwight Hall defaced As pictured on right, the words “White Guilt” were found spray-painted on the High Street wall of Dwight Hall early Tuesday morning, clearly visible from the Library Walk. Dwight Hall is the center of community service on campus.

The Yale Political Union passed the resolution, “Resolved: Bring Reserve Officers Training Corps back to campus,” Monday night during a debate keynoted by Capt. Pete Hegseth, who recently returned from Iraq. Hegseth called the Iraq war a “war of ideas and ideologies” and said the U.S. “can’t afford to not have our nation’s best and brightest in uniform.” For a more detailed account of his remarks.

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Gary Winfield, the Democratic candidate running to represent New Haven in the Connecticut House of Representatives, was in Branford College Common Room yesterday for a meet-and-greet with Yale Democrats.

The Yale Swing Society surprised Branford and Berkeley freshmen with an impromptu Swing Dance Party Monday night in the Vanderbilt Courtyard. The free dance lesson was open to all, though students leaving their suites in the quest for a better place to study were slightly nonplussed.

Park Street residents were awakened Friday night to the sirens of police cars and an officer shouting “Spit it out, Asia, spit it out,” to a woman lying on the ground. The woman, Asia, had ingested a large amount of drugs, even more of which were found in her car.

Forks and knives have never been this interesting, especially for a student who discovered the wonders of magnetism in Commons Monday noon. A dining hall worker lectured the student on this physical phenomenon after he spent 15 minutes suspending assorted pieces of cutlery from his magnetized knife.

Five helium balloons, ostensibly left over from a class ring promotion last month, have spent two weeks stuck in a tree on Beinecke Plaza. Note to the Office of Facilities: Aluminum balloons aren’t biodegradeable.


1953 Sterling Memorial Library received an extensive face-lift. At a “dizzying height” workmen cleaned the stones and replaced chipped mortar of the nation’s (then) fourth-largest library.