The Godfather of Bowls. The Yale Bowl was ranked as the 43rd most important sports venue in America, according to’s Jim Caple. The Bowl, which was built in 1914, was “America’s first bowl stadium, leading the way for the Rose Bowl and Michigan Stadium, among others.” It was the only Ivy League stadium on the list. ESPN’s company headquarters was 10th.

Firefighters were unable to enter Pierson College to turn off fire alarms at around 5:15 p.m. on Wednesday. Although there was no fire, the firefighters had to wait for the arrival of a surprised Dean Amerigo Fabbri to grant them access to the library since students’ key cards could not swipe into the college. Good thing nothing was actually burning.

Whether or not Sen. John McCain participates in tonight’s presidential debate, campus political groups will hold a variety of debate-watching parties. These groups include the Party of the Left and the Yale College Democrats, who encouraged “joyous/spiteful outbursts” in their e-mail invitation, and invited BSAY, Alpha Phi Alpha and NAACP. Members of campus Republican organizations say they will only host parties if McCain makes a showing. Regardless, all plans seem to have one common theme: alcohol.

Community service, with a cherry on top. Almost 400 people showed up Thursday afternoon to the Coldstone Creamery on Temple Street for free ice cream samples designed by two Make-a-Wish Foundation children, Jack and Emily. Donations collected during the event for the Foundation totaled $283.75.

Curing poverty, one fair market at a time. The Yale Fair Trade Alliance, a new organization, met Thursday to plan a year of events focused on issues of fair trade in developing countries like Kenya. So far, the group has connected with nonprofit organizations such as Mercado Global, the Arghand Cooperative and International Peace Initiative in an effort to raise awareness in the Yale community.

Taking action together. At least 208 students have registered for the Graduate School-sponsored Yale Day of Service this Saturday, focused on giving back to community organizations. The day will include sundry activities like park clean-up and construction of a local museum.


1957 Yale Law School professors unanimously supported President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s ordering of U.S. Army troops into Little Rock, Ark., to accompany black students into the newly integrated Central High School, while simultaneously condemning him (one professor said he had “no guts”) for letting the situation drag on for too long before intervening.