Investment bank hegemony? Morgan Stanley took over troubled investment bank Lehman Brothers — at today’s career fair, that is. When Lehman canceled its reservation for a table at the fair after running into some liquidity issues, Morgan Stanley swooped in and grabbed the vacant real estate. First a table, then … Wachovia?

Peter Salovey will conduct the Yale Precision Marching Band for the final time as Dean of Yale College at tomorrow’s game against Georgetown University — but fans of the ’stache are hoping he may continue to conduct as provost. Salovey told the YPMB he would hang up his baton if his successor wants to take over.

Hearing rumors of “strong parties,” ESPN The Magazine will film tomorrow’s tailgate for its new online series, “In Your Grill.” Yale fans had better bring their game faces: the network last filmed the Redskins-Giants opening night game.

Spotted: Actress Meryl Streep walking up Prospect Street alone yesterday afternoon, wearing oversized sunglasses and gabbing on her cell phone, according to eyewitness. Streep is due to receive a lifetime achievement award at the San Sebastian film festival next week, but maybe she was making a pit stop in New Haven on her way to Spain?

To the 2,600 members of the Yale community with tickets for Tony Blair’s speech this afternoon: Please find something else to do. Love, the 140 people on the waitlist who will be hovering eagerly outside Woolsey Hall tomorrow afternoon.

Montana, Wyoming still missing in action. The admissions office is in an uproar after the one student admitted from each of the two western states declined to matriculate in the class of 2012, leaving the class with representatives from a mere 48 states. The shocking decrease in geographical diversity has prompted much soul-searching about recruitment strategies in these areas, Dean of Admissions Jeff Brenzel reported.

The Tory Party debated “Resolved: Theater Corrupts” yesterday in the Saybrook Athenaeum Room. Despite a lopsided vote against the resolution — 3 to 13 to 1 — the evening featured an even balance of speeches. Alexander Dominitz ’09 read a soliloquy from Shakespeare’s “Henry V” and April Lawson ’09 contrasted Yeats’ poem “When You Are Old” with her anthropology textbook’s description of love.

False alarm. Students reported smelling gas in Saybrook, but the more than twenty firemen and police officers who responded found no sign of a gas leak.

Foaming suds overflowed from the Women’s Table and crept across Rose Walk Wednesday night and into Thursday morning. Guys, it’s funny, but it’s already been done.


1974 The members of the all-female a cappella group the New Blue broke the gender barrier when they sang at tradition-bound Mory’s. Despite taunts from men in the audience and difficulty passing the cup while singing, the News reported that the group “shattered all past reputations.”

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