Mory’s mixed with Beta gives you Mory’s Late Night. Starting today, Mory’s is open until midnight on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. A last-ditch attempt to turn a profit for the storied club on York Street? Maybe so, but Yalies in search of cups or Baker’s Soup won’t mind.

No Lehman Left Behind. University Career Services has contacted all class of 2008 Yalies who went to work for Lehman Brothers after graduation. UCS Director Philip Jones said his team offered to assist the recent graduates in the aftermath of Lehman’s bankruptcy.

In this space yesterday, the News reported delays at the Yale Station post office. Turns out the United Parcel Service of America — not wanting to be outdone — has troubles of its own at the Hendrie Hall pickup station. Boxes line the basement’s halls; a UPS spokeswoman put it simply: “It doesn’t look like students are picking the packages up very quickly.”

Trumbull buttery workers didn’t tend to their bacon last night, which resulted in a smoky conflagration, two firetrucks and a surprise buttery appearance by Janet and Victor Henrich, the college’s master and associate master. The couple materialized in full, matching Trumbull regalia, ready to rescue students from the inferno.

Red Hot Poker, the improv comedy group, teamed up with The Oxford Revue for a show last night in the Davenport College Theater. It was called “Tony Flair,” though neither Blair nor Jennifer Aniston in her “Office Space” outfit attended.

Tony Blair himself might not get to campus until Friday, but his security team was spotted on High Street scouting out campus yesterday. The three burly men — seemingly of Scottish origin — were escorted by Connecticut police (though it didn’t look like they needed help).

Claire’s Corner Copia turned 33 yesterday. Customers drew from a raffle container as they paid. “That’s a really good one!” said the cashier when one Ezra Stiles College senior won a travel mug.

Morsels are strangely popular this week, as Yalies explore the Morse courtyard for Vincent Scully’s History of Art course. Students are drawing plans and sections of a location for the Lipstick scuplture by Claes Oldenburg ’50. The sculpture, of course, has moved before ­— it was originally located on the Beinecke Plaza before its relocation to Morse.


1956 Yale College Dean William Clyde DeVane announced that exams would be extended from two hours in length to three-and-a-half hours and that no courses except those under Senior Honors majors would be exempt from holding exams. Students were not happy.