Waiting for packages? Some students who visited Yale Station yesterday afternoon were told to stay patient: there were still 10 large totes of packages in the building waiting to be sorted. One employee said the post office is also too overworked to figure out who has paid for their P.O. boxes. “We have too many packages, with the freshmen arriving and all,” the employee said.

“Random Chicken Breast” has recently made its presence known in Yale’s dining halls. The item has been listed as the first ingredient in main dishes, disconcerting puzzled diners. “Why is this chicken breast so random?” asked a worried Santiago Correa ’12. The better question: Is it even organic?

City firefighters and paramedics rushed to the corner of York and Elm streets at 5 p.m. yesterday after receiving a 911 call about an unconscious man in his car. “Somebody passed out,” a firefighter said, “but we can’t find him.” By 5:30 p.m., the fire trucks had left the scene.

Mischievous Stilesians stole and vandalized Branford’s “Welcome Class of 2012” banner from Vanderbilt Hall late Monday evening. But Branfordians aren’t too offended. Quoth one: “They were assigned to Ezra Stiles. I think we can be a little more understanding.”

Set your TiVos. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair will be interviewed on The Daily Show this Thursday, just hours before his much-anticipated arrival in New Haven. Let’s just say that Jon Stewart will be one hard act for the News to follow.

Sarah Palin is not a feminist, according to attendees at a Women’s Center discussion last night. That said, the media, many agreed, have exhibited sexism over the course of the election cycle. Kathryn Olivarius ’11, the Center’s constituency co-coordinator, said the group is “planning many discussions for the future about women in power, what this represents and what U.S. politics is lacking in this regard.”


1968 Speaking at the Freshman Assembly, Yale President Kingman Brewster announced the theme for the year — that universities must remain free and open centers of discussion where unorthodoxy can flourish without violence. Many freshmen held copies of “FREE VOICE!” a broadsheet that had been distributed moments prior by Yale Students for a Democratic Society.

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