America should end its special relationship with Israel, concluded the Yale Political Union after its first debate Tuesday night, which featured offensive-realism advocate John Mearsheimer. The vote was a lopsided 44 to 25. See page 6.

The Professors of Bluegrass, featuring Yale College Dean Peter Salovey and Davenport College Dean Craig Harwood, will perform this Saturday at the Eli Whitney Folk Festival in Edgerton Park. Salovey, a double bassist, is perhaps better known (musically speaking) for conducting the marching band at football games.

No more room service. After spending the beginning of the year at the Omni Hotel, the girls dubbed the “Omni 15” have received word that they will be moving into their freshly renovated Jonathan Edwards College dorms on Saturday.

Free giveaway. Au Bon Pain will be giving out 2,000 free cups today. “We try to give [them] away so people will see the yellow cups in their hands,” shift supervisor Richard

Gattison said of the annual ritual.

Harry Potter exposed. Saybrugians can enter a lottery to snag one of 35 tickets to see “Equus” on Broadway. Because Peter Shaffer is a famous playwright. Really. It has nothing to do with seeing Daniel Radcliffe naked at all.

Do smarter people have more self control? Yes, according to Yale researchers whose findings were reported yesterday in the online journal Psychological Science. They found that the same part of the brain that controls reasoning and problem-solving also helps weigh goals and values.

2008, A Storm Odyssey. In Listening to Music on Tuesday, thunder serendipitously crashed at two of the most dramatic moments of Strauss’ “Also sprach Zarathustra.” “I felt somewhat inspired, like nature was collaborating with music,” Daniel Hausrath ’11 said.

Souris! Students in the 9:25 a.m. section of French 110 were filmed saying “bonjour” and other newly learned salutations as part of a project that the Office of Development is undertaking to raise money for the Center for Language Study.

In Professor Donald Kagan’s “Introduction to Ancient Greek History” lecture, the revered Sterling Professor explained that ancient Mycenaeans knew globalization was a good idea as they “globalized” their Mediterranean world. In fact, he said to laughter, everyone has learned globalization is a good idea — except the Democrats.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1973 A committee on the summer term proposed that Yale students should be required to attend a summer term before the start of their junior year.

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