In regards to Raymond Carlson’s article (“Doddle fans await badges of support,” 9/3) published yesterday, I’d like to comment on the non-receipt of Doodle merchandise.

Chalk me up as yet another alum who never received his merchandise from Doodle owner Rick Beckwith.

I’ll wager the number of alumni who have been stiffed is well beyond your estimate of a “dozen.”

On Jan. 29, I ordered a Doodle coffee mug, baseball cap and T-shirt (a total of $58 including shipping) from Rick and paid via PayPal. Since then, I received — bupkus.

The sympathy I felt for Beckwith’s situation regarding the Doodle has evaporated over the months, as I have read more about his apparently dreadful financial planning. By stiffing me on the merchandise that I ordered and paid for — principally to help him out — Beckwith has only reinforced my declining opinion of his integrity and business savvy.

R.I.P. the Doodle. It was great while it lasted.

But I’ll wager that Beckwith’s old man Lou would not be happy about the way he has behaved in presiding over the demise of this great Yale culinary institution.

Richard Wilson ’71