By Thomas Kaplan

DENVER, 10:45 p.m. — Little did I know how excruciatingly boring a political convention is during the many hours not shown during primetime. So this afternoon I had some time to explore the Pepsi Center, the arena where the Democratic National Convention is being held this week.


View of the floor from the nosebleed seats.

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CNN seems to have the most impressive set-up of the television networks.


The lobby of the Pepsi Center, ground zero for the much-loved man (or delegate) on the street interview.


The press filing center on what I believe is the practice court for the Denver Nuggets basketball team.  Not-so-fun fact: There is no wireless Internet in the filing center.


Also, I’m pretty sure the television in my suite’s common room is larger than each of those. Weird — Obama’s primary-night filing center in New Hampshire, as one example, was much better equipped than this.


So much for security. I got off on the wrong floor and asked for directions; the volunteer promptly directed me straight into the heart of the Pepsi Center’s operations offices. I just wandered in. That’s probably not good?


Caroline Kennedy speaks to the convention.


Senator Ted Kennedy was greeted by a sea of “Kennedy” signs and a nearly two-minute ovation.